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Medaco’s Debt Collection Solution

MEDACO Revenue Solutions is a registered debt collection agency that strives to provide our clients with professional and effective recovery services as we collect commercial and consumer debt for Clients throughout South Africa.

Debt collection agency regulation compliance is extremely important to agency customers, as potential liability issues can surface if the proper protocols aren’t followed when collecting debt. When shopping for a debt collection agency always keep in mind that you can be held liable for any legal errors committed by your collection agency. We will mitigate this risk for you.

Medaco is a registered debt collections firm.

With Medaco, you can expect:

• Upstream advice on documentation, admin and financial procedures;

• Innovative thinking for effective approaches to your credit problems;

• The highest regard for your reputation and good will;

• Strict adherence to all applicable laws;

• Tight controls over accounting practices, and collection procedures;

• A commitment to the latest and best in data processing capabilities; and

• Reporting systems that give you a clear view of your entire collection picture.

Medaco has strong expertise in debt collection as well as a specialisation in automated legal debt collection services. We have our own in-house attorney’s and proprietary system, that automatically follows the legal documentation and communication steps as defined by the:

• Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA)

• Council of Debt Collectors

• Magistrates Courts Act 32 of 1944

Apart from the expertise in Debt Collection and in particular the legal debt collection aspect, Medaco offers significant expertise in, and access to data cleansing, tracking , tracing, verification and confirmation services.

We at Medaco have successfully collected over R300m worth of outstanding debt on behalf of public and private sector organisations.

Consumer Debt Collection

MEDACO has been providing consumer debt collection outsourcing for over 5 years. MEDACO handle’s large consumer credit portfolios on an outsourcing basis for public and private sector clients. MEDACO maintains one of the most sophisticated mature infrastructures for outsourcing consumer debt collection.

Consumer debt collection in South Africa is subject to a mountain of regulations and laws. In addition, consumer debt collection is also subject to the Consumer Protection Act as well as the National Credit Act. Proper collection agency licensing is critical for consumer debt collection. The web of laws and regulation is often one of the main reasons companies choose consumer debt collection outsourcing.

MEDACO Revenue Solutions is fully licensed and insured for consumer debt collection. Our consumer collectors have an in-depth understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape in South Africa.

Why not consider outsourcing your consumer debt collection?

Consider MEDACO for your outsourced debt collection needs. We have the technology, collection pros and expertise to handle any type or size of credit portfolio outsourcing. All it takes is a simple call and one of our seasoned professionals can provide you with a choice of solutions for consumer debt collection. Outsourcing has a lot of variables and every company and industry has unique debt collection challenges. We look at bottlenecks and collection problems as opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Traffic Enforcement Management

Problem Statement

Some startling facts about South Africa’s nationally issued traffic infringement notices:

• Based on actual statistics, only 3.68% of traffic infringement notices issued are paid within 32 days.

• Only an additional 2.48% of traffic infringement notices issued are paid within 64 days.

• A staggering average of 86% of traffic infringement notices issued remain unpaid.

The negative effects of the above include:

• A driver attitude of impunity towards the law,

• Non-reduction of road accidents and road carnage,

• Loss of revenue by Issuing Authority, and

• No change in driver behaviour as their pockets are not punished.

How Medaco Can Help:

A. Our Traffic Infringement Collection Services

MEDACO’s successful intervention in the collection of outstanding traffic fines has allowed Issuing Authorities to:

• Focus on their core business requirements

• Recover cash flow through escalating collection processes

• De-stress the business of legal and non-productive time constraints

• Utilise experts in traffic infringement collection

• Maximise benefits of available collection processes

• Extract value from overdue accounts and reinvest into sustainability and growth

Our success in Traffic Infringement Collection Services

Following is a snapshot of our expertise:

• During the last financial year (1 April 2015 to 30 March 2016), MEDACO successfully recovered approximately R57,000,000 of outstanding traffic fines on behalf of Mpumalanga DCSSL.

• More recently, for the period April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 MEDACO has collected in excess of R58,000,000 in outstanding fine amounts for this same client.

• During the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017, MEDACO successfully processed over 1,000,000 infringement notices (Sec 56 and Sec 341).

• During the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017, through our ANPR vehicles currently in operation in the regions of Nkangala, Gert Sibande, Ehlanzeni, and Bohlabela, we have successfully recovered R38,000,000 in outstanding fines.

• Over the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2017, we converted a total of 358,999 Section 56 infringements into Warrants or Arrest and a total of 141,822 Section 341 infringements into Section 54 warrants

B. Our Integrated Traffic Management Solution

Our solution is focussed on the following three aspects

1. Traffic law enforcement including front-end equipment and operations support

Medaco will provide the capital assets required to compliment the seamless end-to-end traffic infringement processing process include but are not limited to the following:

• Radar cameras,

• Laser cameras,

• Control room equipment,

• Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) vehicles,

• Support vehicles, etc

2. Central Processing Systems & Operations

These support systems drive the day-to-day operations of the traffic enforcement system.

Medaco will provide:

• Image processing equipment,

• Equipment and hardware,

• Computer equipment including hardware and software for Regional offices and cost centres,

• Full Scalable Infrastructure (Cloud Focused)

• Experienced and trained staff in the traffic fine process

3. Road-Side Customer Service Operations

Effective customer service and support is critical in facilitating the ease of infringers to communicate with the Department and related traffic authority. To this end, our solution provides for the following enablers:

• Automated Number Plate Recognition vehicles,

• Dedicated customer call center, • Call center agents well versed with traffic infringement processes,

• Interface to eNaTis,

• Updated infringement records, and

• Access to a number of payment mechanisms.